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Cyber CEO – (Password) Size DOES Matter


A recent study has inflamed the old conversation about password length: Using an AI powered password cracker, 71% of commonly used passwords can be hacked within a day. It’s a new take on Brute Force attacks (a technique simply trying every
possible combination of numbers and letters): Feed 15 million passwords from
past hacks into an AI box and it will have a very good understanding of what commonly used passwords and combinations are. Thus speeding up the “guessing”
astronomically. 18+ characters and numbers are the new baseline, which means
your business must implement:

  • Complex passwords or passphrases with 18+ characters and numbers
  • Because you can’t remember those, implement a password management system
  • Enable multifactor authentication across the board
  • Enforce password changes by software or policy every 6 to 12 months
  • Remove access for employees that have left
  • Train employees about risks associated with password sharing (or writing them on post it notes…)

Your business is defined in the cyber space by means of access to 6 to 10 master
platforms (files, email, phones, domains & web, backup, network, etc). Guard them like the keys to your kingdom, because that is what they are.

Link toarticle: AI can crack half of common passwords in less than a minute | Cybernews

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