Cloud Phone Systems
For Remote Working

Transfer your office landline numbers to employee smartphones today to support your remote workplace.

Set up your cloud phone systems for remote working Today!


Transition your office landline number to a cloud phone system so your employees can use their smartphones for company calls remotely! With costs as little as $5.50 per person,* and NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS, you can set your team up today!

We understand businesses may need immediate, affordable, and potentially temporary phone solutions to support the transition of office landline numbers to the remote working environment during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Inbound Calls Package is a new, highly affordable solution for Australian businesses, designed to enable you to receive calls, transfer internal calls, and keep your business communications open on your existing office landline number.

As with all our plans, there are NO LOCK-IN CONTRACTS, meaning you can use our systems quickly, easily, and for as long as you and your business needs.

**Our new Inbound Call Package is only $5.50 per employee per month for 10+ people (or $7.70pp/pm capped at $55), plus a once off $99 set up fee. Please see our packages for full details**

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Inbound Calls Package for Remote Workplaces

Our Inbound Calls Package is designed primarily to enable employees to continue to use their current office landline numbers to receive business calls on their personal smartphones.

Our system has all the features of traditional PBX systems but is cloud-based (also known as VOIPVoice Over Internet Protocol) meaning it can function remotely from any smartphone – rather than a physical phone system. Our package offers:

• Immediate set up of transferring your current office landline numbers to individual employee smartphones

• Immediate access to our VOIP smartphone App to enable all employees to keep their office number and receive and transfer calls

• Establishing your remote working reception, using only smartphones, so incoming calls can be transferred as required

• Tailoring your phone answering system to allow multiple employees to answer calls if required

• Implementing internal call transferring from employee to employee

• Setting up Voice Prompt Menus (IVR Menus) to help manage an increasing call loads

• Designing your own on-hold message or music.


We have designed our cloud phone system Inbound Calls Package to give businesses a quick communications solution to keep operations up and running whilst transitioning to the remote environment.

We would always recommend companies also look at our standard VOIP packages that enable employees to make calls from their smartphone using their business landline number.

If this is your preferred option, please see our packages here or contact us to discuss the best option for you.

How do cloud phone systems work?

So how does it all work?

The most important thing to know is you don’t need to change any of your current phone numbers.

Your customers, suppliers and employees can reach the company using the same number they always have. This alleviates having to update any contact details.

When someone calls the office landline, they will have the exact same experience; no matter if your business is located in an office or remotely. The call can then be transferred by your team to any other employee via a user friendly app. If the call is transferred to the wrong person, that is fine too. Anyone on the system can transfer to any other employee.

As the call is inbound, there are no additional fees of charges for the company.

As part of this package, you can also set up an IVR Menu for your business if you choose.

This means your callers will be able to select from various options to quickly reach their contact. IVR Menus are also beneficial for businesses who may be receiving large call quantities. Again, your caller will have the same experience when calling in regardless if you are in the office or working remotely.

With a cloud phone system, if your receptionist or dedicated employees for phone answering is on a break or busy on another call, you can also direct the system to ring other employees on the system, to ensure the phones never go unanswered.

What is the set up process?

We can get your cloud phone system up and functioning in a matter of hours.

1. First, we discuss with you the best option for your business

2. Then we simply send you our simple on-boarding form so we can allocate the right office  numbers to the right employees

From here, you are ready to go – its that easy. After you are set up, we also:

1. Provide clear user guidelines for all employees and specific training for any dedicated receptionists who handle high call volumes

2. Give you an option of hold music or can work with you to develop an on-hold message

3. Set up your IVR Menu (if you choose to take up this option)