VOIP Plans

We offer a range of VOIP plans that scale with your businesses requirements for features and cost savings.

Choose the VOIP plan that works for you

  • Extensions / Phones: Number of extensions allowed on the plan, i.e. handsets connected to the PBX. Simply upgrade to the next plan if more handsets are needed.
  • Phone Numbers: Standard 10 digit Australian phone numbers, i.e. 02 8188 7557. There is no differentiation between VoIP numbers supplied by us or current landline numbers transferred in. Porting cost for existing numbers from any Australian Telco (including but not limited to Telstra, Optus, Skype, etc) is $60 once off for a single number or $220 once off for a set of numbers.
  • Lines: As with conventional systems, a line represents the ability to make a call. 10 lines means 10 users can make a call at the same time.
  • Mobile Rate: Cents charged per minute for calls made to Australian mobile phones. No flag fall applies on call connect. Charges are applied per second, NOT in 30 or 60 second blocks.
  • Monthly Charge: The system works with a top-up account that needs to remain with a positive balance at all times. A VISA or MasterCard is on file in the control panel and tops up the balance by a set amount ($10 to $100) whenever a threshold is reached (usually $5 balance). A full statement / tax invoice is issued at the first of every month for the last month and emailed to the account holder.

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Or, check out our Cyber Security Management System which meets the Australian Government’s Cyber Security Centre Recommendations.