Protect your business from cyber attacks with a Cyber Security Management System.

How we manage your

Cyber Security

Our Cyber Security Management System has been developed to protect small to medium Australian businesses from cyber attacks.

We do this by providing a complete Cybersecurity Framework for all clients which includes:

Technology: software and systems to ensure businesses comply with the Government’s ACSC Essential 8 recommendations at the highest maturity level.

Governance Support: a range of cyber security policies to both protect businesses from cyber attacks, and enable owners to act ethically and abide by the Australian Information Commissioner’s (OAIC) Notifiable Data Breach (NDB) Scheme.

Employee Guidance: procedures and cyber security awareness training is provided to employees to reduce the likelihood of cyber attacks and/or incidents caused by human error.

As part of our offering, managers receive monthly reports highlighting any malicious activity, web tracking and highlighting outliner employee activities.

Our system ensures businesses are not only highly prepared for any cyber attack attempt but can also minimise the extent of damage in the unlikely event of a systems breach. This gives both management and clients peace of mind knowing that their data has the highest-level cyber protection required.

The Jam Cyber - Cyber Security Management System

Monthly Risk Reporting 1

Cyber Risk Reporting

Infrastructure Security Advice 1

IT Security Advise

Last Pass Password Management System 1

Password Management

Cybersecurity Policies & Procedures 1

Policies and Procedures

data encryption 1

Data Encryption

Restrict USBs and Drives 2

Restrict USB Drives

**ACSC Essential 8 compliance demands a 90 day backup of all company data. The included local data backup is a 28 day backup of local and non-media files only (i.e. PDF, DOCX, XLS but no music or videos). If your current backup does not provide sufficient backup, all plans allow for Unlimited Office 365 or GSuite backup (emails, all cloud drive files, SharePoint, teams, etc) at $5 ex GST per user per month.
#Windows 10 Pro Plus and TPM enabled devices only.**

What our customers say about Jam Cyber


Miya Spears

Marketing Manager | IMAX Darling Harbour
Markus, Ian and the team at Jam Cyber IT have been our reliable IT gurus for a decade. We have the utmost confidence in their support and delivery in all our IT and cybersecurity needs.

Allison Benson

Principal | Kerin Benson Lawyers
Markus and the team at Jam Cyber have been looking after our IT and cyber security since April 2014. Jam Cyber have been fantastic to work with and have certainly helped our business grow. They have consistently set a high standard by being proactive and offering us solutions to help secure our IT system and set us up for future growth. We see them as an essential part of our team.

Evan Petrelis

Managing Director | Renaissance Tours
Renaissance Tours has been working with Jam Cyber IT & Cybersecurity since 2012. At all times, Markus, Jimmy, Ian and the rest of the team have been tireless in their efforts to look after our technology needs as we have grown. They are unfailingly responsive, friendly and helpful, and their counsel and solutions always top-notch. We couldn’t imagine running our business without their contribution.

Nitsa Brown

Practice Manager | Pearson Emerson Meyer
Jam Cyber IT have been looking after our IT and cybersecurity since 2017. They have not only been responsive to our changing needs, they have driven and guided us through very necessary IT change that turned out to be immensely helpful when the COVID-19 crisis hit and our staff were able to be up-and-running working efficiently from home in a matter of days. In addition, their response to any IT issues that arise is quick and effective! We are very pleased to have Jam Cyber IT as part of our team.

Shaun Hughston

Beat Medical
Best system I have ever used!