Protect your business from cyber-attacks with a secure Cybersecurity Management System.

How we manage your


Our CSMS’s have been developed to meet the Government’s ACSC Essential 8 recommendations at the highest maturity level. Whilst the government recommends all businesses meet the level 3 requirements, this is not necessarily practical or relevant for some industries and business practices.

Therefore, we have designed four cybersecurity levels to ensure all businesses can meet the minimum protection requirements they need.

Our BRONZE and SILVER level packages are designed to increase protection for small and micro businesses in industries which are less prone to attacks. This includes trades based sole-traders, freelancers, farmers, small brick and mortar retail and hobby businesses. The packages start from just $12/month* and offer a strong foundation for common cyber-attacks.

For businesses with greater exposure, such as professional services, law firms, financial firms, healthcare, mining operations and ICT providers, or businesses implementing remote workplaces, we have developed GOLD and PLATINUM packages which ensure businesses are compliant with the ACSC Essential 8 strategies. Compliance with the ACSC Essential 8 means that both management and clients can have peace of mind knowing that your data has the highest-level cyber protection required for your industry.


Essential 8 Compliant*

All plans are designed with no lock in contacts post a minimum 90-day contact term. We require 30 days’ notice of cancellation after this point.



BRONZE CSMS is our entry-level cybersecurity package, starting at just $12/month. This package is designed to protect businesses with low cyber-attack risk from everyday threats. The core feature of this package is undertaking regular patch management to ensure all software, applications and operating systems are secure and that malware cannot enter the system via old and outdated systems.

Ideal for:

  • Sole traders
  • Small companies with less than $50,000 per year turnover
  • Hobby businesses
  • Businesses with low computer use on a daily basis
  • Businesses with no computer network established


  • Construction and trades
  • Agriculture and farming
  • Small retail businesses with no e-commerce

Package features:


Our SILVER CSMS is designed for small businesses that use computers fairly regularly but are considered low-risk industries. The SILVER package offers all the features of the BRONZE package, and also includes Daily Backups and Drive Encryption to reduce the impact of any attacks.

Ideal for:

  • Mirco and small businesses with less than 10 people
  • Self-employed freelancers and consultants
  • Businesses with a turnover of less than $200,000 per year
  • Consultants who use MS Office or G-Suite
  • Businesses with minimal storage of confidential client records or information


  • Retail (including e-commerce)
  • Manufacturing
  • Accommodation & hospitality
  • Transport, postal and warehousing

Package features:

  • ALL inclusions of the BRONZE Package
  • Daily Backups of Data files (ACSC Essential 8)
  • Drive Encryption (ACSC Essential 8)


The ACSC recommends all businesses aim for Essential 8 Maturity level 3; which means the business is fully aligned with all eight cyber-attack mitigation strategies recommended. Our GOLD package ensures businesses are compliant with this ACSC Essential 8 level 3 recommendations. This means businesses receive all the features of the SILVER Package plus Application Control
& Hardening, Configuration of MS Office Settings and Multi-factor Authentication. This level provides assurance and peace of mind for both internal staff and external clients.

Ideal for:

  • Businessses with Remote Workplace requirements
  • Small to medium-size businesses with 5-50 employees
  • Consultants and businesses with high reliance on computers to undertake day to day work
  • Businesses that use a wide range of programs including MS Office, email tools, online applications and SAAS
  • Businesses with a computer network established
  • Businesses who manage commercially confidential data


  • Professional services (such as architectural firms, marketing agencies, engineering firms and management consultants)
  • Mining
  • Information, communication and technology
  • Wholesale trade
  • Electricity, gas, water and waste services
  • Administrative services
  • Membership based organisations

GOLD Package features:


The Platinum level has been specifically designed for businesses that are a high cyber-attack risk due to their industry, size and/or level of sensitive and confidential data stored. Like the GOLD level, the PLATINUM CSMS package ensures businesses are compliant with the ACSC Essential 8 strategies. However, this level goes further to provide user training, monthly reporting and domain watch services. This ensures businesses are not only highly prepared for any cyber-attack attempt but can also minimise the extent of damage in the unlikely event of a systems breach.

Ideal for:

  • Small to large organisations that manage sensitive or highly confidential information
  • Businesses with a high reliance on computers to undertake day to day work
  • Any organisation with high storage of personal and secure data, such as client records
  • Organisations with medium-large computer networks established


  • Legal firms
  • Financial & insurance services firms (accounting firms, financial planners, insurance brokers)
  • Healthcare (hospitals, medical practices)

Package features:

  • ALL inclusions of the GOLD Package
  • Ongoing awareness training
  • Quarterly risk reporting
  • Domain watch services
  • Infrastructure security advice

What our customers say about Jam Cyber


Phil Edward

ThomasSabo Jewellery AU / NZ
They find very sensible options for us and have really improved our business operations at the stores and head office since 2006.

Miya Spears

Marketing Manager | IMAX Darling Harbour
Markus, Ian and the team at Jam Cyber IT have been our reliable IT gurus for a decade. We have the utmost confidence in their support and delivery in all our IT and cybersecurity needs.

Nick Shaw

Director | Shaw Downie Chartered Accountants
We are a chartered accounting firm based in Sydney’s CBD. Jam Cyber has been our ‘Managed IT Services’ provider since late 2017. They implemented and have since managed an end to end ‘work from anywhere’ IT system.

Allison Benson

Principal | Kerin Benson Lawyers
Markus and the team at Jam Cyber have been looking after our IT and cyber security since April 2014. Jam Cyber have been fantastic to work with and have certainly helped our business grow. They have consistently set a high standard by being proactive and offering us solutions to help secure our IT system and set us up for future growth. We see them as an essential part of our team.

Evan Petrelis

Managing Director | Renaissance Tours
Renaissance Tours has been working with Jam Cyber IT & Cybersecurity since 2012. At all times, Markus, Jimmy, Ian and the rest of the team have been tireless in their efforts to look after our technology needs as we have grown. They are unfailingly responsive, friendly and helpful, and their counsel and solutions always top-notch. We couldn’t imagine running our business without their contribution.