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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC stuck in login loop

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When opening pdf files, and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC is set as default pdf reader, the user gets stuck in a login loop and won’t open the pdf file even after several login attempts.


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1. Close every opened pdf with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
2. Click on start and open the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC app itself (not just any pdf file)
3. Click on the account icon on the upper right corner
a. Logout the account if it is currently logged in, close the app, reopen it again then log back in
b. Login the account if there’s no current user logged in
4. Open any pdf file and wait for the account to be recognized
a. If by any chance you are again prompted to login, please do so

If the above steps still didn’t work, make sure that the same account is also logged in to Adobe Creative Cloud that is also installed on the machine. Same troubleshooting steps above will apply.

Also, please check that these apps are all up to date with their latest versions if the above troubleshooting steps didn’t resolve the issue.

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