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Configuring MS Office Macro Settings

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What is Configuring MS Office Macro Settings?

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Configuring Microsoft Office (MS) Macro Settings is tailoring your MS Office setting, in particular in word and excel, to stop malicious macros from automatically running on your computer. The settings are configured by the Jam Cyber team and we can work with you and/or your Authorised Administrator to make sure these setting don’t impede on your ability to undertake your daily job. Configuring MS Office Macro Settings is included in all cybersecurity packages from GOLD upwards. You can read more about Configuring MS Office Macro Settings benefits here.

Installing Configuring MS Office Macro Settings

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MS Office Macro Settings are configured as part of the Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Platform installation. Please view the RMM Install Guide here: RMM Install Guide

Using Configuring MS Office Macro Settings

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For the majority of users, new settings will have no impact on daily operations. For those that utilise macros, in particular in MS Excel, you will be prompted to approve the running of macros when you open files. If you trust the file or you have created the file, then it is ok to run the macro or ‘enable content.’

Best Practice Tips:
  1. The most common way malicious macros enter a computer system is via an email or website. If you are prompted to run a macro after opening an email, or after downloading something online, the safest option is to reject this macro.
  2. If you purposefully download a macro to run but you are not sure if it is safe, please contact your Authorised IT Contact or Jam Cyber and we can check this for you.

Troubleshooting Configuring MS Office Macro Settings

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Process for changing MS Office Marco Settings

Macro Setting 1

Visit our FAQ to find out more.

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