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LastPass: Creating a Free account

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  1. Using any web browser (preferably Google Chrome), go to https://lastpass.com/create_account.php?fromloginpage=1 to create a new free account.

    Provide an email address and a master password > Click Sign Up to complete the registration.Note: Every free account is entitled to a 30 day Trial of the Premium version. The account will revert back to the free version after the trial expires.1

  2. After a successful registration, proceed with installing the browser extension by clicking ‘Install LastPass’ on the next page. It’ll direct you to the Chrome Web Store and allow you to install the extension.23
  3. Once installed, click on the puzzle piece icon and pin the LastPass browser extension to allow easy access.4
  4. Click the 3 dotted icon for LastPass to open the login prompt. Provide your registered email address and assigned master password to login.56


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