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Daily Backups

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What are Daily Backups?

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Daily Backups are a last resort cyber security strategy to recover data and files lost due to an intentional or accidental cyber-incident. This includes if businesses are held at ransom from a ransomware attack. At Jam Cyber, we undertake encryption of your backup files too so hackers can’t use the data if they manage to steal it. This is particularly important for confidential files such as client finances, legal documents and health records. You can read more about Daily Backups benefits here.

Installing Daily Backups

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Daily Backups are established with your account setup.

Using Daily Backups

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Daily Backups occur automatically daily. There are no actions required by the company.

Best Practice Tips:
  1. In the event you need to retrieve backup files, it is also important to address why and follow your company’s Cyber Security Policies & Procedures. Best practice is to resolve the issue that led to losing your files as quickly as possible, otherwise, it will be likely that you will lose your files again.

Troubleshooting Daily Backups

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To retrieve lost data or files, please follow your Jam Cyber Data Recovery Plan.

Visit our FAQ to find out more.

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