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Management of Administration Privileges

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What is Management of Administration Privileges?

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Management of Administration Privileges is an ACSC Essential 8 Strategy which gives each user minimal administrative privileges on their computer. This is to stop hackers from easily gaining overall administration rights to computers and networks. You can read more about Management of Administration Privileges benefits here.

Installing Management of Administration Privileges

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Jam Cyber’s application sits on all users’ computers and enables us to manage overarching administrative requirements, such as those needed for product installation. This is installed as part of the Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Platform installation. Please view the RMM Install Guide here: RMM Install Guide

Using Management of Administration Privileges

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Most employees will experience no change to daily operations. However, Management of Administration Privileges will become apparent if an employee attempts to install a non-approved program or application. If this occurs, employees will receive an Authority Approval block and be required to contact Jam Cyber to proceed. All instructions will be provided to the employee at this point.

To avoid receiving the Authority Approval block, we recommend viewing our instructions on installing new programs here: Guide Installing Program & Apps

Best Practice Tips:
  1. Management of Administrative Privileges is best conducted with a clear user hierarchy that should be present within your Cyber Security Policy and Procedures. This ensures all users/employees are aware of what they can and can’t do.

To see more information on installing programs and apps, please visit: Guide Installing Program & Apps

Troubleshooting Management of Administration Privileges

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If you receive an Authority Approval block, instructions will be provided on screen. :

If the approval required is denied by Jam Cyber, please contact your ICT Manager with the following information and they can escalate the issue.

  1. Name of program trying to install
  2. What is the program used for?
  3. Have you used this program previously?

Visit our FAQ to find out more.

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