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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Installation Guide

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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Installation Guide

What is MFA and Duo?

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MFA is a cybersecurity tool that requires users to identify themselves with more than just one login method. Enabling MFA dramatically increases cybersecurity protection as hackers can’t simply enter a system without access to both (or all) log in methods.  Most people have experienced the MFA process in the form of receiving a text message with a certain code, using ‘google authenticate’ or being sent an email to identify yourself.

Our objective at Jam Cyber is to ensure maximum cybersecurity protection with minimal to no impact on employee productivity. That’s why we partner with the platform Duo to enable the MFA process. Duo is an intuitive, easy to use, quick MFA tool.  Users can log into required apps and tools with a single click of a button.

Find out more about using Duo MFA in the Operations Guide, or read on for the installation process.

As part of our service, Jam Cyber will establish your company profile and add all users to the systems. All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone and activate your workstation.

Step 1: Duo MFA Smartphone (or tablet) App Installation

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Please follow the steps below to install the DUO Mobile App on your mobile to start using the 2-Step Authentication System.

  1. Install DUO Mobile security App from your App Store (Google Play Store or Apple Store depending on your mobile phone) Search for DUO Mobile in your App Store and install it.
    DOUnew 1
  2. 2. Once you have installed the App on the phone, you are ready to contact us and schedule an appointment to activate DUO Security on your Work Computer, during the activation process you will get a Txt message similar to the picture below, simply tab on the link on your mobile and open it in the DUO Mobile App, this will activate your DUO Account.
    DUO1 13. Please Note, you may also receive a POP from your mobile advising DUO Mobile would like to Send you Notifications, please make sure you Allow it. The message looks like the image below (it may look slightly different on Android Based Mobiles)DUO2 1

Step 2: Duo MFA Workstation Activation

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During the workstation activation stage, our tech will guide you through the process, however it is still helpful to read through the steps below so you are prepared during the setup process.

2.1. First Time Activation

To begin the process, you can either log out and log back on to your computer, OR you can lock your computer and log back in. Follow your standard password process to log back in. After you log back in, you should see a Duo Security Screen pop-up:

Image 9 2

When this screen pops up, open your Duo MFA App on your smartphone or tablet.

Image 10 2The App should display a notification stating, ‘Request waiting. Tap to respond…’ Tap this request and then, when prompted, simply click ‘Approve’.



Image 11 1

From here, your computer and App will be connected.  This quick 2-step process will become your standard login process. However, as you are logging in for the first time, you now just need to set up your Offline Login.


2.2. Set Up Offline Activation

Once you have successfully logged in for the first time, you will get a new pop-up prompting Offline Activation. This is required if you need to log onto your computer without internet access.  On the pop-up window, make sure you have Duo Mobile Passcode checked and then click on ‘Activate Now’.

Section 3.1 image 1 1

Next, you will then see a QR code appear in the pop-up box. Open your DUO MFA App, press the ‘+’ sign on the top right corner and scan this QR code. At this point, your account details will appear in your Duo app and you can change update/change your details if you wish.  he final step is to confirm the connection with a once-off 6-digit code. Please click on the ‘Enter Offline Code’ button on your computer screen.

Section 3.1 image 2 1

Image 12 2Now in the DUO MFA App you will see the account you have just added and a six-digit code. Simply enter this code on the screen and it will complete your set up.
















If you have any issues during the setup, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

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