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Multi-Factor Authentication

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What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

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Jam Cyber IT can establish Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on devices and, if required, supported cloud-based apps. MFA essentially creates a two (or more) step process to log on to your device, creating an additional level of security. This means hackers cannot access your system unless they have access to all log in steps. Jam Cyber IT partners with Duo Security to implement MFA and this is included in cybersecurity packages from GOLD upwards, as well as remote working packages. You can read more about Multi-Factor Authentication benefits here.

Installing Multi-Factor Authentication

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Please review the step by step guide to correctly and efficiently install the Duo MFA system onto your smartphone/tablet and computer.

Using Multi-Factor Authentication on Devices

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MFA is simple to use and will quickly become part of the daily login process. We have developed a clear user guide to help employees quickly learn the basics.

Best Practice Tips:
  1. Correct installation of Duo MFA is key to ensuring all employees can access their systems when they are online and offline. Please view our installation guide in detail to ensure you are set up correctly.

Using Multi-Factor Authentication on Apps

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Many additional applications support Duo mobile security authenticator, however, the setup instructions will be unique for each application. Therefore, please refer to the unique application for set up instructions. You can also contact us for support.

Troubleshooting Multi-Factor Authentication

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Process for managing any issues with Duo MFA:

Duo MFA 100 2

Visit our FAQ to find out more.

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