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Next Generation Antivirus

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What is Next Generation Antivirus?

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Next Generation Antivirus is a cyber security system that protects users from known cyber threats. This system is installed across all users under the Jam Cyber framework.

Installing Next Generation Antivirus

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Your Next Generation Antivirus system is installed as part of the Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Platform installation. Please view the RMM Install Guide here: RMM Install Guide

Using Next Generation Antivirus

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Once installed, the Next Generation Antivirus will automatically run on your computer and catch malicious files in their tracks. The system will automatically remove dangerous files, so there is nothing else you need to do. The system will continuously run scans of your computer.

Best Practice Tips:
  1. If you are alerted that a file you are trying to open may be a malicious/dangerous file: occasionally the system will not know if a file is safe or not. Best practice is to check with your Authorised IT Contact to ensure the file is safe before opening.
  2. If you are alerted a file may be malicious or dangerous that you have not tried to open: this may be a malicious attack and you should stop the file from opening and delete.

Troubleshooting Next Generation Antivirus

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If you believe the antivirus system has blocked a file by mistake, you may request an Authorised Override. Please send the following information in an email to your ICT Manager, or Authorised Administrator and they will review your request.

  1. File name
  2. File type
  3. File source (where have you tried to download it/open it from?)
  4. What is the file for?
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