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Passportal Installation & Set Up

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Passportal Installation & Set Up

What is Passportal?

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Passportal is the Password Management tool selected by Jam Cyber to provide the optimum level of password protection for clients. The cloud-based platform is designed for small to medium businesses and offers a central password vault where communal/shared passwords can be safely stored and utilised. Further, the platform offers users a ‘my vault’ system where private passwords can be stored and easily searched for daily use. For more information, visit: M2.13_Passportal Password Management System

Passportal Installation Process

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Stage 1 of Passportal Installation requires establishing a unique company Password Management Site. This process is undertaken by Jam Cyber. It includes establishing all identified employees as users on the system. From here, employees will need to undertake 3 steps:

  1. Set up their Passportal password and security questions
  2. Transfer their current passwords into Passportal
  3. Configure web browser settings

Please follow the simple steps below to ensure correct system set-up.

Step 1: Passportal Password & Security Set-Up

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Each business Authorised Administrator will receive their specific Passportal Organisation Key from Jam Cyber. This key will be provided to all employees to establish their Passportal Profile.

Each employee will receive an email from Passportal MSP to activate their account. When received, please click ‘Activate Account’. Please follow the online steps provided including entering your Organisation Key, establishing your private password and setting up your security questions. This process will only take a few moments.

Once completed, you will receive an activation confirmation email from Passportal with a link to your new Passportal Password Management System.

Navigate to My Vault

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PLEASE NOTE: Each time you log into Passportal you will be directed to the Company Vault (i.e. the location for shared and communal passwords), NOT your personal password page. Therefore, please ensure you navigate to My Vault (which can be found in the left-hand side menu) before entering any passwords.
1 1 1

You will know you are in your My Vault section when you see ‘My Vault’ appear on the top of the screen, the left-hand menu tab turns blue and your username appears in the folder menu.
2 1 1

Step 2: Transferring Current Passwords to Passportal

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Once your account is activated, you can set up your passwords in the system. You can either do this manually or Jam Cyber can assist you to import your current saved passwords. Please see below for both instructions.

To begin both processes, log into your Passportal account and navigate to My Vault.

Manual password set up

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First, ensure you are in your My Vault section. To manually enter a new password, please select the +New Password button and you will see a pop-up screen where you can complete your password inputs.
3 1 1

4 2

When the screen appears, start with entering the password URL and ensure the URL is the site login page. (for example, you will need to enter: https://login.xero.com/ not: www.xero.com) This will ensure Passportal will be activated correctly when you configure your browser in Step 3.

Once the URL is entered you can complete the remaining fields and select ‘Create’. You will then see the password in your My Vault password list.
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A few helpful tips:

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Need support? See Troubleshooting Passportal Setup

Assisted/importing saved passwords

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To automate the above process, employees can request an assisted export of their passwords from Jam Cyber. Please follow the below steps to implement:

        1. Email: [email protected] with the subject line: Assisted Password Export Required. Please ensure this is sent from your business email and include your Computer ID (see how to find my Computer ID here). You will receive communication back from the Jam Cyber team once the export has been completed. Then you will be able to proceed with the following steps.
        2. Open Passportal and navigate to My Vault.
        3. In the top menu bar, click + New and then select Import to Vault
          6 2
        4. When the upload screen appears, you will have the option to upload via clicking Select Files or dragging and dropping the required file. Please see the next step to ensure you select the right import file.7 2
        5. Your import file has been saved in a specific location on your computer. Please open your File Explorer (previously known as Windows Explorer) and go to: This PC > Windows (C:) and find the folder titled PPPassExp.
          8 1
          Within this folder, there is a csv. file called PPimport, select this file to upload and it will automatically import all your passwords that were saved in your web browsers.
          9 1
        6. From here, you can select which passwords you wish to import into your My Vault. Please note, you will be able to edit password descriptions and credentials once they are saved. When you have selected the passwords to move across, please click ‘Import’.
          10 1
          Your passwords should now appear in My Vault.
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          You can choose to edit your passwords now or at a later time. Please see Editing Passwords in our Passportal User Guide.

        Step 3: Configuring your web browser

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        The final step is to configure your web browser. Open Passportal and navigate to the Settings >Download tab in the left-hand side menu. Here you will see three options for extension downloads. Please select the relevant browser/s and click Download.

        12 1

        1. Chrome Extension: once clicked, the download will automatically open a new browser tab and prompt you to Add to Chrome.
          13 1
          Chrome will ask if you wish to add “SolarWinds Passport”, please select Add extension.14 1
          This is now complete. To add Passportal Extension to other browsers, please follow the below steps.
        2. Firefox Extension: once clicked, the download will automatically open a new browser tab and prompt you to +Add to Firefox.
          15 1
          Firefox will confirm that you wish to add SolarWinds Passportal. Please click Add.
          16 1
          You can then choose if you want to ‘Allow this extension to run in Private Windows’, we recommend ticking this box.
          17 1
          This is now complete. To add Passportal Extension to other browsers, please follow the steps for Chrome and Edge.
        3. Edge Extension: once clicked, the download will automatically open a new browser tab and prompt you to Get.
          18 1
          A download should start automatically, and Edge will let you know when it is ready to Launch.
          19 1

        Edge will ask if you wish to Turn on SolarWinds Passportal, please select Turn it on. Further, we recommend ticking the box to Allow for InPrivate browsing.
        20 1

        This is now complete. To add Passportal Extension to other browsers, please follow the above steps for Chrome and Firefox.

        Troubleshooting Passportal Setup and Installation

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        If you have any issues with installation or system set up, please contact Jam Cyber IT & Cybersecurity using your dedicated number.
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        For other troubleshooting issues, please visit our FAQ’s.
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