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Passportal Operation Guide

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Passportal Password Management System Operation Guide

Before you start

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If you have not activated Passportal and set up your user profile, please do so first. Visit Passportal.

About Passportal

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Passportal is a secure platform which enables users to utilise hundreds of unique passwords (or passphrases) across any online website. For best practice, users should have a different password for every online account. With Passportal, you can store your passwords in your My Vault and then access them easily when required.

Read more about the benefits of Passportal here: Passportal

Using Passportal

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Please ensure you have correctly configured your Passportal account with your web browser prior to using Passportal. See: Configure Passportal

Accessing your passwords from Passportal is simple. You will know the configuration has been successful as the Passportal symbol will appear in the username and password boxes.

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To access your saved password, please click the Passportal symbol.  You will then be given the option to select the credential you wish to use.

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This will automatically fill the required fields and you can proceed to log into your site.

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Passportal Dashboard

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When you log into your Passportal site, you will be automatically taken to the Company Vault, NOT your personal My Vault. Please ensure you do NOT add your personal passwords in this section.

Your Company Vault dashboard enables you to manage your settings and search for passwords. See below for more details.

  1. Click on your name to edit your profile, including changing your passportal password, security questions and establishing two-factor authentication if required.
  2. Search for passwords by site or username to find in your My Vault.
  3. If you accidentally save a private password in the company vault (or vice-versa) you can move the password by selecting With Selected>Move Password.
  4. To access all your passwords, navigate to My Vault from the left-hand side menu.

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Adding new passwords

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To manually enter a new password, please select the +New Password button and you will see a pop-up screen where you can complete your password inputs.

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For full details on adding new passwords and importing passwords, please see: (Passportal Install Guide: Step 2: Transferring Current Passwords to Passportal )

Editing passwords

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To edit a password or credential, navigate to My Vault and find the password you wish to edit. From here, click on the button in the Action column and select Edit Password.

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From here you can make changes as required, including increasing the strength of your password.

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Troubleshooting Passportal

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Q: Where do I find my Organisation Key?

A: Please contact your Authorised Administrator who will have your Organisation Key.

Please visit our FAQ’s for more information.



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