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Passportal Password Management

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Passportal Password Management

What is Passportal Password Management ?

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Passportal is a Password Management tool designed to add an extra layer of protection for users when utilising passwords. Passportal stores private passwords and allows for ‘company passwords’ where multiple users may need to log into the same program/app. Passportal Password Management is included only in the PLATINUM Cybersecurity Management System. You can read more about Passportal Password Management benefits here.

Installing Passportal Password Management

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Each business will have its own Passportal Password Management portal. This will be configured by Jam Cyber and employees will be required to install and set up their private passwords within the system. Please see: M1.7_ Passportal Installation & Set Up Support Guide

Using Passportal Password Management

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Whilst Passportal Password Management will ultimately be used daily, there will be no major changes in terms of logging into programs or apps. Passportal essentially replaces the current login process for apps. We have outlined all this information in our Passportal Password Management User Guide: M3.3_Guide Passportal Password Management System

Best Practice Tips:

  1. 1. When it comes to password management, best practice is to have different passwords for different apps. This is because if a hacker steals one password, they can then only access the one program or app – not your entire system. The Passportal system enables this process, meaning users do not have to remember a wide range of passwords as they are all saved and connected within the system.
  2. 2. Creating a passphrase instead of a password is another important factor when it comes to password management. Users should create passphrase with multiple characters, numbers and symbols to ensure they cannot be easily hacked. Read more about Creating Cybersafe Passwords.

Troubleshooting Passportal Password Management

For issues using Passportal, please contact Jam Cyber & Cybersecurity using your dedicated number.

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For other troubleshooting issues, please visit our FAQ’s to find out more.

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