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Introduction to your PLATINUM Cybersecurity Management System

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Cybersecurity Management System Installation and Set Up Process: Authorised Administrator

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The PLATINUM Cybersecurity Management System is our premier service, designed to ensure maximum protection for your company with dedicated support as required. This package ensures you will be compliant with the ACSC Essential 8 Strategies.

As part of your package, we will provide you with regular risk reports and domain watch services. Further, your team will have access to our regular cybersecurity awareness training which will provide optimal protection.

The below information covers your product inclusions, set up requirements, authority structures and quick links to product support.

As a PLATINUM Client, we have also allocated you a dedicated phone number so you can quickly reach the Jam Cyber team at any time regarding your cybersecurity.

Thank you again for choosing Jam Cyber & Cybersecurity to protect your business.

Platinum Cybersecurity Management System Inclusions

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PLATINUM CSMS Authority Structure

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Each company will be required to identify three Authority roles:

  1. Authorised Administrator: to manage contracts, employee communications, approve overrides and be the main point of contact for Jam Cyber.
  2. Authorised IT: to support employees with any technical issues, installation support and controlling programs.
  3. Authorised Manager (usually the CEO or Managing Director): overarching authority to approve overrides, programs and contracts.
    One person can hold multiple authority roles within the business if required. The below table identifies permissions for each authority level and employees:

PLATINUM Authority Structure 1 1

Authorise Authority Override Process

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Your Jam Cyber CSMS is designed to protect your business from both known and unknown threats. This includes blocking a range of websites, programs, applications and files from opening and running freely on your computer. However, PLATINUM clients have the option to override the security recommendations from Jam Cyber if deemed necessary by the business. This applies to the following areas:

  • Web Protect: ability to override blocked websites by Jam Cyber
  • User Application Hardening: ability to override recommended Java and Flash blocks by Jam Cyber
  • Application Control: ability to override programs and apps deemed unsafe by Jam Cyber
  • Next-Generation Antivirus: ability to run and open files blocked by antivirus systems

Only the Authorised Administrator or Authorised Manager can request an override. Please follow the below process to initiate an override:

Silver1 1

For further help, please view our FAQ’s or contact [email protected]

PLATINUM CSMS Installation

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Stage 1: Establishing A Cybersecurity Profile

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To begin the process, Jam Cyber will undertake a scoping exercise to determine key programs and applications utilised by the business. This will enable the technical team to build a business-specific profile which will allow common programs to freely run and install with minimal fuss to the business.
During this stage, antivirus and website protection settings will also be tailored based on categories and business needs.

To undertake this task, the Jam Cyber technical team will work directly with the Authorised Administration and IT contacts to install the Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) Platform and associated programs on the Authorised Administrators computer.

Once the business’s cybersecurity profile is established, the RMM Platform will be rolled out company-wide.

Stage 2: CSMS Installation On Employee Devices

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There are three applications which will need to be installed on all employee devices.

  1. Datto Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) Platform
  2. Duo Multifactor Authentication application
  3. Passportal Password Management Tool

All Authorised Administrators will receive communications with installation instructions for the above. Further details regarding the processes are provided below for information purposes only.

1: RMM Installation Process

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View the detailed RMM Installation Guide

To streamline the installation and management of your CSMS, Jam Cyber utilises Datto Remote Management & Monitoring (RMM) Platform. This tool will be required to sit on every computer in the organisation and will need to be downloaded onto each computer by the user (or your internal IT team). The RMM Platform allows Jam Cyber to automatically install the majority of the CSMS and configure your cybersecurity profile across your business automatically.

To install this platform across the company, Jam Cyber will forward an email to the nominated Authorised Administrator who will communicate the process with all employees.

Employees (or the internal IT team) will then need to follow the steps in the RMM Installation Guide. The process will take only minutes and a restart of computers will be required post-installation.

Once this has been completed on all computers, the Jam Cyber technical team will inform the Authorised Administrator and/or IT Contact and then installation of the Duo MFA can commence.

2: Duo MFA Installation Process

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View the detailed Duo MFA Installation Guide

To enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), thus complying with the ACSC Essential 8 strategies, Jam Cyber has partnered with Duo Security. The Duo MFA installation process requires all employees to individually set up their own authentication on computers and smartphones.

Authorised Administrators will receive a notification via email regarding when this process will commence. Jam Cyber will initiate the Duo MFA install first with the Authorised Administrator and/or IT to ensure they are aware of the process and can support employees if required.

Please note: Duo Security will send automated setup information to all employees to undertake this process, so it is important employees are informed this is happening. Authorised Administrators will receive a template email from Jam Cyber to forward to employees to commence this process.

Please read the Duo MFA Installation Guide for further details.

3: Passportal Installation Process

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View the detailed Passportal Installation Guide

The Passportal Password Management System is exclusive to PLATINUM clients. The system both increases password protection and enables users to safely use shared passwords with reduced risk of cyber-attacks.

As part of the company’s Cybersecurity Profile, Jam Cyber will undertake the company Passportal configuration and set up. From here, employees will be required to set up their logins and profiles.

To begin the process, an email will be sent to the Authorised Administrator with set up instructions. We recommend this set up is undertaken by the Authorised Administrator prior to employee set up, as then support can be offered internally if required. Please view the setup guide for Passportal here: Passportal

Please note: Passportal will email all employees to undertake the setup, so it is important employees are informed this is happening. Authorised Administrators will receive a template email from Jam Cyber to forward to employees to commence this process.

Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training

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PLATINUM Clients have access to vital Cybersecurity Awareness Training. This is delivered by Jam Cyber in conjunction with Webroot. Jam Cyber will email your [email protected] email address to register your domain with Webroot.

Webroot will contact you directly regarding your training schedule.

Monitoring and Risk Reporting

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Domain Watch Services

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Jam Cyber will continually monitor your domain to ensure your website is safe and no emails have been compromised. Authorised Administrators will be contacted by our security team to establish this service. Businesses will only receive reports if a domain has been breached or emails and passwords have been compromised.

Quarterly Risk Reporting

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As a PLATINUM client, every quarter you will be provided with a report showcasing attempted risk attacks that were blocked and resolved by your CSMS solution. This report will also cover employee uptake of some CSMS elements such as Duo MFA and cybersecurity training.

Annual Infrastructure Security Advice Meeting

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All PLATINUM clients will receive annual Infrastructure and Security Advice from Jam Cyber CEO, Markus Hugenschmidt. The first meeting will be held at the end of the CSMS installation process.

Quick links for PLATINUM CSMS

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Helpful User Guides:

Training and Tips:

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Troubleshooting & Support

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We are here to help!

As a PLATINUM client, you will have received a dedicated Jam Cyber Support phone number (1800 818 875).

Please use this number whenever calling Jam Cyber as it will ensure you are fast-tracked through the queue.

For non-urgent issues, you can email our team at [email protected]

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