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Saas MFA links

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Multi-factor Authentication

This system sets multiple sign-in requirements for users to increase the difficulty of a hacker accessing a user’s system via a stolen password or vulnerability. Common multi-factor authentication processes involve the user undertaking a standard sign-in, and then confirming a code which is sent to an email or mobile phone to verify their identity. Advanced versions may include fingerprints, face recognition and/or voice recognition.

We have curated a list of commonly used SaaS applications and the instructions on how to enable MFA or 2FA within their platforms.

Note: For any assistance required with these apps, please contact their vendor-specific support team.

SaaS Applications Admin MFA User MFA
Gsuite Gsuite – Admin MFA Link Gsuite – User MFA Link
Xero Xero – User MFA Link
Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 – Admin MFA Link Microsoft Office 365 – User MFA Link
DropBox DropBox – Admin MFA Link DropBox – User MFA Link
Zapier Zapier – User MFA Link
Basecamp Basecamp – User MFA Link
Freshchat Freshchat – Admin MFA Link Freshchat – User MFA Link
Zendesk Chat Zendesk Chat – Admin MFA Link Zendesk Chat – User MFA Link
JotForm PDF Editor No MFA
BambooHR BambooHR – Admin MFA Link
Google analytics same as G Suite
Piwik/Matomo Piwik/Matomo – Admin MFA Link
GoToMeeting Not Applicable for GoToMeeting
Hubstaff No MFA
Time Doctor Time Doctor – User MFA Link
HubSpot HubSpot – Admin MFA Link HubSpot – User MFA Link
ProProfs ProProfs – Admin MFA Link
Bitrix24 Bitrix24 – User MFA Link
Freshdesk Freshdesk – Admin MFA Link Freshdesk – User MFA Link
Microsoft SharePoint Online
Wix Wix – Admin MFA Link
SimplyBook.me SimplyBook.me – Admin MFA Link
Calendly No MFA, relies on 3rd party integration MFA
Zoho Social Zoho Social – Admin MFA Link
Toggl none
Google same as G Suite
Adobe Adobe – Admin MFA Link
Slack Slack – Admin MFA Link Slack – User MFA Link
MailChimp MailChimp – Admin MFA Link
Shopify Shopify – Admin MFA Link Shopify – User MFA Link
Microsoft same as MS 365
SurveyMonkey SSO only
MathWorks MathWorks – User MFA Link
KnowBe4 KnowBe4 – Admin MFA Link
LastPass LastPass – Admin MFA Link LastPass – User MFA Link
Jamf Jamf – Admin MFA Link
Zoom Zoom – Admin MFA Link Zoom – User MFA Link
Ring Central Account Validation is enabled by default
Sophos Central Sophos Central – Admin MFA Link
Salesforce Salesforce – Admin MFA Link
ServiceNow ServiceNow – Admin MFA Link ServiceNow – User MFA Link
Veeva Veeva – Admin MFA Link
Splunk Splunk – Admin MFA Link
Twilio Twilio – Admin MFA Link
Okta Okta – Admin MFA Link
Elastic NV Elastic NV – User MFA Link
Pluralsight No plan level enforcement, user level only Pluralsight – User MFA Link
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