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User Application Hardening

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What is User Application Hardening?

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User Application Hardening is similar to Application Control, however, instead of deciding what programs are allowed to run, the process decides what programs are allowed to do. This is highly important as it restricts applications, such as Adobe Flash and Java, running at their own free will on your computer and causing both performance issues and increasing vulnerability. User Application Hardening is included in all cybersecurity packages from GOLD upwards. You can read more about User Application Hardening benefits here.

Installing User Application Hardening

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User Application Hardening is installed as part of the Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Platform installation. Please view the RMM Install Guide here: RMM Install Guide

Using User Application Hardening

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The User Application Hardening process will occur as required on computers. The system will automatically block most applications from running to minimise the risk of a cyber-attack. Jam Cyber has identified a range of applications that can safely run.

Best Practice Tips:
  1. If you are attempting to run an application that is restricted, please follow the onscreen prompts for next steps or contact your Authorised Administrator for an Authorised Override.

Troubleshooting User Application Hardening

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Authorised Override is a service available to SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM CSMS clients. Please follow the below process:

Override process 1

Visit our FAQ to find out more.

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