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Various Automated Scripts and Use Case

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Apart from the common Automated script for deployments, there are also a few others that can be used in special cases.
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  1. Policypak Log Check – this is used for gathering the first 20 Blocked App from Policypak Event Log, so we can add them to whitelist if needed
  2. DUO Download Windows 10 Home – This is used when installing DUO for Windows 10 Home OS PCs, the script checks if there is a Microsoft Live Account on the PC, if so, it will make the registry adjustment that is require to ensure DUO work correctly
  3. DUO Registry Fix for Microsoft Live Account – this will implement the registry fix for DUO on a Windows 10 Home PC with Microsoft Live Account ( only used if the install of DUO did not follow correctly and the User can no longer find their Account to Login)
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