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Web Protect

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What is Web Protect?

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The Jam Cyber Web Protect blocks dangerous and suspicious websites from opening. This important tool protects user accidentally clicking on malicious sites which may automatically try to download malware. Web Protect is included in all cybersecurity packages and can be tailored from the SILVER package upwards.

Installing Web Protect

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Web Protect is installed as part of the Remote Monitoring & Management (RMM) Platform installation. Please view the RMM Install Guide here: RMM Install Guide

Using Web Protect

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Web Protect will run on all web browsers on your computer and there is nothing you need to do to set this up. In the event you attempt to access a dangerous or suspicious site, you will face this window.

webroot 1

Best Practice Tips:

  1. If you don’t think the site is dangerous: you can request an Authorised Override, please see Troubleshooting Web Protect below.
  2. If you get this message on a known site: this means the known site may be compromised. Notify your Authorised IT Contact immediately.

Troubleshooting Web Protect

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Authorised Override is a service available to SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM CSMS clients. Please follow the below process:

Web Protect 1

Visit our FAQ to find out more.

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