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Duo Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Operation Guide

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Before you start

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If you have not installed and activated your Duo MFA App, please do so first. Click here to view the Duo MFA install guide.

Logging in with Duo MFA

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Now that your Duo MFA has been activated, each time you log into your computer, you will be asked to authenticate with the Duo App. This simple process takes no more than a few seconds and you can follow the process below.

First, use your standard method to log into your computer (this is usually the computer asking for a username and password). Once you’ve logged in, a screen will appear:

Image 1 1 2

At this point, open up your Duo MFA App on your smartphone or tablet. You should see a ‘Request Waiting.’

Image 4 1.0 1

Tap on the request and you will be asked to approve the log in.

Image 5 1

Once you tap ‘Approve’ your log in will be complete and you can access your computer.

Offline login

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Once you have completed the Duo MFA Installation, your offline login will be set up ready to go. If you have not completed this stage, please visit click here to view the Duo MFA install guide.

Offline login may be needed if you don’t have access to the internet. To begin, open your computer and proceed to log in with your standard/traditional method. You will then be prompted with the Duo MFA Security screen. In this case, please select ‘Enter a Passcode.’

image 7 1

At the same time, open your Duo MFA App on your smartphone. There you will see an option for ‘Windows Offline.’ When you tap on this, you will see a 6 digit code.

Image 6 1.0 1

Enter this code on the Dup MFA Security screen and you will be logged into your computer.

Note: if you do not see an offline option in your Duo MFA App (on your smartphone or tablet) this means your set up has not been completed and you will need to contact us on [email protected].

Lost or forgotten Device

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In the case you have forgotten or lost your smartphone or tablet containing your Duo MFA App, your Authorised Administrator will be able to support you. Simply follow your standard login method (usually a password) and then, when prompted with the Duo MFA Security screen, click the dropdown list and select ‘Backup Authenticator’.  Next, select ‘Send Me a Push’ from the menu.

image 8 1

This will send a notification to your Authorised Administrator who can then authenticate you.

If there is no option to select a Backup Authenticator from the dropdown list, please notify your Authorised IT support, or the Jam Cyber Support team on [email protected].

Troubleshooting Duo MFA

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Duo MFA Support process:

Duo MFA 100 3

For more troubleshooting/support questions, please visit our FAQ’s.

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