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testimonial thumbnail hitch advisory
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Nick Hitchens

Managing Principal, Hitch Advisory

Hear Nick Hitchens, Managing Principal at Hitch Advisory, as he talks about the pivotal role of JAM Cyber in fortifying their boutique law firm’s growth and security measures.


Rami Fahmy

Director – Nsure

Listen as Rami discusses how JAM Cyber emerged as the specialist they needed, offering up-to-date systems and expertise for their operations. 

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Jam Cyber Testimonial Thumbnail - Hannah Ellis of The Workplace
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Co-founder – The Workplace Lawyers

Hear Hannah talk about her experience with Jam Cyber when faced with corporate cyber requirements to service major clients.

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CEO – DG Air Group of Companies

Brad talks about how little disruption was incurred when their interstate offices were moved to the cloud and appropriately secured using the Jam Cyber security framework.

Jam Cyber testimonial thumbnail Brad Nicholson DG Air Freight
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Jam Cyber testimonial thumbnail Phil Edwards Duraflex Group
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Duraflex AU


CEO – Duraflex Group Australia

Phil explains how Jam Cyber has been the trusted Cyber and IT partner since 2006 by adjusting solutions to scaling business.



CEO – Shaw Downie Chartered Accountnants

See Nick explain how Jam Cyber assists him and his inhouse and remote workforce to work equally productive from where ever they are.

Jam Cyber Testimonial Thumbnail - Nick Shaw of Shaw Downie accountants
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Jam Cyber Testimonial Thumbnail - Louise Murrin of Pontons
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Operations Manager – Pontons Consultancy

Louise on how Jam Cyber assisted with Cyber Security solutions enabling Potons to remain on the supplier list of Australia’s big 4 banks.

//Written Reviews

Happy Clients

rami fahmy

Rami Fahmy

Nsure Insurance Brokerage

Jam Cyber has a methodology that covers of all of the bases from a cyber security perspective…I would recommend Jam Cyber because of the ease of dealing with the team, the speed to action and the dedication to a thorough cybersecurity process that identifies weaknesses and plugs those weaknesses extremely quickly.

Jam Cyber testimonial- even-petrelis

Evan Petrelis

Managing Director | Renaissance Tours

Renaissance Tours has been working with Jam Cyber IT & Cybersecurity since 2012. At all times, Markus, Jimmy, Ian and the rest of the team have been tireless in their efforts to look after our technology needs as we have grown. They are unfailingly responsive, friendly and helpful, and their counsel and solutions always top-notch. We couldn’t imagine running our business without their contribution.

Jam Cyber testimonial- allison-benson

Allison Benson

Principal | Kerin Benson Lawyers

Markus and the team at Jam Cyber have been looking after our IT and cyber security since April 2014. Jam Cyber have been fantastic to work with and have certainly helped our business grow. They have consistently set a high standard by being proactive and offering us solutions to help secure our IT system and set us up for future growth. We see them as an essential part of our team.

Jam Cyber testimonial- nitsa-brown

Nitsa Brown

Practice Manager | Pearson Emerson Meyer

Jam Cyber IT have been looking after our IT and cybersecurity since 2017. They have not only been responsive to our changing needs, they have driven and guided us through very necessary IT change that turned out to be immensely helpful when the COVID-19 crisis hit and our staff were able to be up-and-running working efficiently from home in a matter of days. In addition, their response to any IT issues that arise is quick and effective! We are very pleased to have Jam Cyber IT as part of our team.

Jam Cyber testimonial- David Nolan

David Nolan

CEO | Webster Nolan Real Estate

Jam Cyber IT & Cybersecurity have taken care of our IT needs since the inception of our business. Their staff are always prompt, knowledgeable & professional. We have always been completely satisfied with the service we receive. They are a pleasure to deal with at every stage. IT issues never stress us out anymore as we know we are in capable hands and that any problems will be dealt with right away. They go above and beyond to ensure we are satisfied with the outcome. We cannot stress enough how highly we recommend them

Jam Cyber testimonial- Sam Coupland

Sam Coupland

FMRC Legal

We started using Jam Cyber VOIP in 2010 and our phone bill dropped from $1,250 per month to less than $200 due to the many international and STD calls we make.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Miya Spears

Miya Spears

Marketing Manager | IMAX Darling Harbour

Markus, Ian and the team at Jam Cyber IT have been our reliable IT gurus for a decade. We have the utmost confidence in their support and delivery in all our IT and cybersecurity needs.

Jam Cyber testimonial- susie newham

Susie Newham


I sincerely could not recommend Jam Cyber more highly, they have literally saved my business.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Christopher Kerin

Christopher Kerin

Principal | Kerin Benson Lawyers

Kerin Benson Lawyers has been using Jam Cyber as IT support since 2014 and always found them to be very responsive and effective service providers. I would recommend them to any law firm looking for such services.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Damien Kalmar

Damien Kalmar

Company Director | Kalmar Antiques

Since 2010, Jam Cyber has been looking after our IT and not once have we had a breach of security which is a real testimonial to their quality and diligence. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any potential clients.

Jam Cyber testimonial- David Maher

David Maher

CEO | Celebrity Speakers

I highly recommend Markus and the team at Jam Cyber to manage your IT needs. Professional and highly capable. I’ve never contemplated going anywhere else, since 2010 of using them to look after our business IT, cybersecurity and telephone needs.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Bert Rejante

Bert Rejante

Principal | Kerin Benson Lawyers

We have been serviced by Jam Cyber IT & Cybersecurity since 2015 and have found them to be proactive to our business and have been very supportive. We look forward to a long and continued partnership.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Bianca Sengos

Bianca Sengos


They are helpful, cost-effective when we need to be and most importantly, easy to understand.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Rayma Creswell

Rayma Creswell

Conexus Financial | Top 1000 Funds

Jam Cyber has been our outsourced IT department since 2010 and is a terrific asset.

Jam Cyber testimonial- Shaun Hughston

Shaun Hughston

Beat Medical

Best system I have ever used!

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