How cyber safe is your business?



PRICE: $297 FREE UNTIL 31 May 2023

The Cyber Health Check is designed for small to medium Australian businesses only. For companies larger than 100 employees, or international businesses, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss how Jam Cyber can support you. 

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What is a Cyber Health Check?

The Jam Cyber Health Check dives into your company’s business practices revealing your cyber strengths and vulnerabilities. The report further covers what actions you can do to immediately improve your cyber security. 

With the Jam Cyber Health Check, you can discover:

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Your cyber strengths and where your business is covered against cyber attacks

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If you’re implementing best practice principles for employee cyber safety

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If you need to update or add new policies to better protect your business from cyber crime

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What technical systems you should have in place to maximise your cyber security

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If you’re vulnerable/liable as a business owner if your business is attacked

Our Report is currently free, so register your business now and one of our cyber security experts will be in touch!


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