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Cyber Security Awareness Posters For Employees

Download and display our Cyber Security Awareness Posters around your office to remind your team about the importance of cyber security.

The Jam Cyber – Cyber Security Management System, blocks thousands of potentially harmful websites every month for our clients. This minimises the risk of a cyber attack and can also increase employee productivity. Blocked web categories are selected by each client to ensure employees can access relevant and appropriate websites for their business needs.

Please note: not all companies will have selected to block all categories. Companies that have opted to allow categories will not appear as ‘blocked’ in this report.

Find out how to protect your business with a Jam Cyber – Cyber Security Management System.

Are your employees being cyber safe?

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, it is vital to ensure employees are trained to recognise potential threats. However, training employees in cyber security has multiple benefits in addition to simply identifying threats. Employee cyber security training provides additional protection above the Australian Government’s Essential 8 mitigation strategies. 

We have listed our top five reasons to train employees in cyber security.

Did you know that a Cyber Attack happens every 39 seconds

In 2021 almost 2,200 cyber attacks happened every day. Check our list of major cyber attacks

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