What Is DMARC & How Can It Help Email Deliverability?


Understanding DMARC:

How to Enhance Email Deliverability & Security

In today's digital landscape, the phrase "You've got mail" brings both opportunities and risks. While email remains a cornerstone of business communication, it's also increasingly open to fraud and phishing attacks. Equally, knowing that emails your business sends are actually landing in inboxes is critical. Enter DMARC—an approach that heightens the security and deliverability of your email traffic.

The Fundamentals: What is DMARC?

DMARC, short for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance, is an email authentication protocol. It fortifies your email communications by letting you, the domain owner, specify how emails that fail specific authentication checks should be treated. DMARC builds on two existing pillars of email authentication: the Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM).

Think of DMARC as a vigilant security guard for your email domain, one that keeps the bludgers at bay and ensures only your genuine emails get the red-carpet welcome in your customers’ inboxes.

Should my business implement DMARC?

In short, yes. All businesses are working towards implementing DMARC for their domain. If you’re not sure if your business has done this or not, check here for yourself!

We have listed the key reasons your business should consider this additional layer of cyber security:

  1. Improved Email Deliverability
    Major email platforms like Gmail, Yahoo, and Microsoft use DMARC policies as a measure for incoming emails. With DMARC, you’re essentially giving these platforms a rulebook for how to treat emails from your domain, improving the odds of your emails landing directly in the inbox, not the junk folder.

  2. Brand Reputation
    Your brand is a carefully built entity that deserves protection. Phishing attacks can put significant dents in your brand image and erode customer trust. DMARC helps you preserve the integrity of your brand by ensuring that only authorised emails see the light of day.

  3. Email Security
    DMARC acts as a safeguard against dodgy activities like phishing and email spoofing. By setting it up, you lessen the risk of online crims impersonating your domain to distribute harmful content. Essentially, it helps keep your domain from becoming an unwitting accomplice to digital crimes.

  4. Visibility and Insights
    Knowledge is power, and DMARC offers you comprehensive reports on how your emails are being processed. These reports reveal invaluable insights into any unauthorised use of your domain, enabling you to take corrective action proactively.

  5. Regulatory Compliance
    In various sectors, there are guidelines or compliance standards that mandate the use of email authentication methods like DMARC. Ensuring you have DMARC in place not only amps up security but also keeps you on the right side of the law.

  6. Customer Trust
    DMARC lays a foundation of trust between you and your customers. It’s a silent nod to your customer, assuring them that the email they’ve just received is genuinely from you and not a harmful knock-off.
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How can my business implement DMARC?

In an environment increasingly beset by cyber risks, DMARC stands as an effective countermeasure, offering continual vigilance and security. Adopting and correctly implementing this protocol can have a substantial positive impact on the integrity of your email communications and, consequently, on your overall business reputation.

Jam Cyber is here to help!

With Jam Cyber’s expertise and ongoing support, you can effectively bolster the security of your email communications, thereby enhancing your business’s trustworthiness and integrity.

To support your business implement DMARC, Jam Cyber will undertake the following:

  1. Initial Assessment:
    Jam Cyber starts by performing a comprehensive evaluation of your existing email systems. This helps us understand your current security posture and tailor a DMARC policy to meet your specific business needs and compliance requirements.

  2. Technical Setup:
    Our team specializes in the intricate details of setting up and adjusting SPF and DKIM records, critical components for a successful DMARC implementation.

  3. Ongoing Monitoring:
    Once your DMARC policy is live, our job isn’t done. Jam Cyber continues to offer real-time monitoring to ensure the policy’s effectiveness.

4. Advanced Reporting:
    Using data analytics, we provide detailed reports that
    give you insights into your email traffic. This helps in
    identifying any irregularities and potential threats.

5. Adaptive Security:
    Our services aren’t static. We provide you with an
    adaptable security mechanism that evolves with the
    ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

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