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Here at Jam Cyber, we're all about helping Australian businesses stay ahead of cyber threats. And we believe there's no better time to start than now. Getting your cyber security sorted from the get-go can really set the tone for a cyber-smart culture in your business. That's why we've got a special deal just for NSEA members. Check out our Free and Business Jumpstart offers below!


Cyber Security Exclusive Offer
  • Cyber awareness security training
  • Incident Response Plan
  • Access to cyber security policies
  • Email compromise check
  • New cyber safe resources every month!

Business Jumpstart!

Cyber Security Exclusive Offer
$25 /month ex GST
  • MS 365 - Word, Excel, Teams, Outlook
  • Free MS 365 setup $250
  • Lastpass password management system
  • Cyber security awareness training
  • BYO domain or buy one with us
  • Email account set up
  • Next Generation Antivirus
  • Shared company drive
  • Cyber security policies & procedures
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Does my Start-up need CYBER SECURITY?

For new businesses, incorporating cyber security from the outset is a strategic move. It establishes a foundation of good practice, signaling to customers your commitment to data protection, and laying the groundwork for sustainable growth.

At Jam Cyber, we focus on protecting small businesses from cyber threats. Unfortunately, small businesses are more likely to be attacked than larger companies. In fact, they have a 350% higher chance of facing social engineering attacks as hackers know their defences are often more vulnerable.

Recent studies have shown that 61% of small businesses are targeted by cyber attacks each year. And whilst not all attacks are successful, in 2022, 22% of Australian businesses experienced a cyber attack. Furthermore, 60% of small businesses that suffer from a cyber attack end up closing within six months after the attack.

These numbers show why cyber security is critical for start-ups. It’s not just about protecting your data; it’s about keeping your business running.

You can explore the right balance of cyber security for your business here: https://jamcyber.com/discover/business-need-cyber-security/

Need more cyber security than our Business Jumpstart?

Our cyber security packages are built on a robust cyber security framework. This takes into account more than just technical systems, it focuses on governance, people and procedures. To view all our package, click through below. 

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Implementing Cyber Security Awareness Training For Your Business

Ensuring you and anyone working in your team can spot potential cyber risks is key. Cyber security training does more than just threat detection; it enhances your overall security, complementing the Australian Government’s Essential 8 mitigation strategies.

We’ve listed five reasons why cyber security training is crucial for you and your team:

Five reasons to implement Cyber Security Training

Training instills a mindset of vigilance among employees, fostering a workplace where security is everyone’s responsibility. This ensures start-ups can position themselves for sustainable growth.

Educating yourself and your employees can help identify and prevent potential security threats, significantly lowering the risk of data breaches that could be costly for any business both financially and reputationally.

Cyber security training equips start-ups with the knowledge to not only meet but exceed industry standards, setting them apart from competitors and appealing to security-conscious customers.

For new businesses, intellectual property can be their most valuable asset. Cyber security training ensures employees know how to safeguard this critical information from theft or exposure.

By demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding data, cyber security-trained employees can significantly boost customer confidence in your brand, fostering trust and loyalty crucial for business success.

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