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Shields Up Warning by the U.S. Government’s Cyber Security & Infrastructure Agency (CSIA) Yesterday, the U.S. Government’s Cyber Security & Infrastructure Agency (CSIA) issued a Shields Up warning to all U.S. companies to “adopt a heightened posture when it

Cyber Security Awareness – Think Before You Click.   Employees are crucial in implementing a #CyberSecurity strategy. Unfortunately, even the most loyal and diligent team members can accidentally cause data breaches or enable a cyber attack. That’s why training

Log4J, The Cyber Security Threat of the Decade?   LOG4J, the cyber security threat of the decade? As you may have seen in the media, there has been a major cyber security threat identified. Unlike an attack

The Ultimate Enterprise Ransomware Guide A recently released in-depth ransomware guide by Sonicwall is the cure for insomnia for most, but really well written if you want to truly understand #ransomware. Education is key and it starts at the

Ransomware hackers find vulnerable target in U.S. grain supply Another day, another (Agri) ransomware cyberattack. This time the US grain supply chain. Strange, when application whitelisting alone could reduce email and download induced ransom attacks to 99%

Impact of Cyber Attacks on Law Firms in Australia Cyber attacks against businesses are on the increase globally; a trend that has accelerated due to the COVID Pandemic. One estimate states that ransomware attacks have increased by

Biggest Cryptocurrencies hack in history (to date) Is Blockchain really un-hackable? Crypto operators are NOT: US$600m went AWOL yesterday when Poly Network was hacked! Biggest cryptocurrencies hack in history (to date).If global crypto networks can be hacked,

Multifactor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) for email account protection. Your email account is the crown jewels equivalent of ID theft and cyber attacks. Which is why (often free) Multifactor Authentication MFA / 2FA is a MUST for

1m computers affected, $US70m ransomware demand – Ransomware as a Service made scalable by means of a supply chain attack!   Similar to the Solarwinds hack last year, cyber criminals managed to infiltrate the systems of a

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