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Building a Positive Cyber Security Culture A successful cyber security culture starts at the top. We often hear the term “a great company culture”. This is typically represented by a supportive work environment, employee growth opportunities, open

Understanding Administrative Privileges: A Guide for Small Business Owners What Are Administrative Privileges? Administrative privileges on computers, simply put, are the permissions granted to users that allow them to make significant changes to computer systems or to

Fake Invoice Scams: How to Protect Your Business & Your Customers Fake invoice scams involve the unauthorised sending of invoices that are designed to look like they are from legitimate vendors but are actually from cyber criminals.

Next-Generation Antivirus vs. Traditional Antivirus: what’s right for your business? As cyber threats evolve, the way we counteract these threats must also advance. This article outlines the core differences between Next Generation Antivirus (NGAV) and traditional Antivirus

Blocking HTM/HTML Attachments In Google Workspace Understanding how to enhance email security within Google Workspace is important for protecting sensitive business data. One significant step is blocking HTM/HTML attachments, which can be used maliciously in phishing scams

Understanding Microsoft 365 Licences: An Overview for SMEs Navigating the complexities of software licensing can be an exhausting task for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Microsoft 365 has emerged as a transformative solution, shifting the traditional software

Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication: What it is and why you probably need it Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a security feature now commonly seen in the banking and online services sectors. However, it is becoming a valuable cyber security

The Menace of Malware: Safeguarding Small Businesses In the expansive landscape of cybersecurity threats, few adversaries loom as ominously as malware, posing a substantial risk to businesses, especially smaller enterprises. This comprehensive guide aims to illuminate the

Cyber Security Strategies: Enabling Small Businesses to Collaborate with Major Sectors Australian small to medium businesses (SMBs) are progressively realising the importance of cyber security. While many have invested in technical systems to safeguard their digital infrastructure,

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