Does my business need Cyber Security?


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Does my business need CYBER SECURITY?

All Australian businesses require cyber security to protect their data; however, some businesses and industries are at higher risk than others. Find out how much cyber security your business needs today.

Does my business need Cyber Security?

With almost half of cyber-attacks (43%) targeting small businesses(1), cyber security is rapidly becoming a top priority for all organisations – large and small. However, some businesses and industries are at higher risk than others, meaning they require a greater level of security. Find out your cyber risk and what your business needs to stay protected.

Does my business need a Cyber Security Management System?

Not all cyber attacks are equal; and therefore, there are many different options for business owners to consider when implementing cyber security.

The biggest questions a business should ask are:

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Could you still operate your business if you lost all your files (client work, contacts invoice, etc.) that you have created over the past 12-24 months?

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Does your business store confidential or sensitive client information that could be valuable to others? (e.g. client passwords or details)

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Will you potentially lose customers/clients if someone accesses and shares your client files?

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How much will it cost your business daily if you have no access to your systems?

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How long can your company survive without its data?

For some industries, a cyber attack would be inconvenient, but bearable. For others, it may lead to the closure of the business. Unfortunately, this is how hackers think too. Businesses that would experience a high impact from an incident are more likely to experience a cyber attack, as hackers know they can demand high ransoms.

Without a Cyber Security Management System, once a business’s systems are hacked or breached, the company is at the whim of the perpetrator. Strong cyber security not only dramatically reduces the likelihood of being attacked but can also recover all data if it is stolen. This means businesses will be able to continue to operate as usual, rather than paying out the hacker’s extortion costs for data recovery .

More than an Antivirus System

As hackers become more sophisticated year on year, traditional Antivirus systems alone can no longer protect businesses from cyber-crime. It is estimated that Antiviruses only detect a compromised endpoint 47% of the time(2). However, Antivirus systems still offer an important first line of defence to protect businesses from known attacks. We include our Next Generation Antivirus system with all our packages to ensure our customers have the best Antivirus and Firewall protection available.

A Cyber Security Management System can more than double your protection against cyber crime.

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Our Cyber Security Management System is designed to meet the ACSC’s Essential 8 strategies to mitigate cyber attacks. Implementing these strategies results in businesses blocking 85% of common cyber security compromises.(3)

To maximise your cyber security, employee training is crucial. Research shows that employee training can reduce cyber attacks by 72%(4). Training should cover both how to identify an attack, as well as how to respond in the event of a breach. Unfortunately, there will always be a small element of risk of attack. However, encrypted Daily Backups can offer a last resort option if needed. Regular cyber security monitoring as well as having strong cyber security strategies and policies will further minimise the extent of damage caused.

The Human Factor of Cyber-Threats

“Whether through direct human errors, such as sending personal information to an unauthorised recipient or where cyber breaches were traced back to a human compromise, employees were centrally involved in most of the data breaches reported to the OAIC in the period.”(5)
(Office of Australian Information Commissioner, Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme 12-month Insights Report 2019)

Innocent employees can cause havoc to businesses as they are often targets of cyber attack schemes, or they are simply unaware of the consequences of their seemingly basic actions. Sadly, employees can also purposefully be a malicious cyber threat.

Fortunately, business owners can dramatically reduce accidental and deliberate employee actions via implementing employee cyber security awareness training. Studies have shown that the average-performing employee security awareness program resulted in a 37-fold return on investment(6), and that training employees can reduce attacks by 72%.(7)

In addition to training, our Cyber Security Management System further includes policies and procedures to ensure businesses can implement a cyber safe environment for all employees.

(3) (Australian Signals Directorate)

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