//Cyber Security Risk Report

Do you know your company’s risk of a cyber attack?


The Cyber Security Risk Report is for small to medium Australian businesses only. For companies larger than 100 employees, or international businesses, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss how Jam Cyber can support you.
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What does the Cyber Security Risk Report Include?

The Jam Cyber Security Risk Report considers the likelihood and impact a cyber attack may have on your business. The results also compare your business’s risk with the average risk and impact for all Australian businesses. The short report covers:
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How much would a cyber attack cost your business?

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How would a cyber attack immediately impact your bottom line?

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What is the likelihood that your business and employees are targeted by cyber criminals?

All information in this short report are provided as an estimate only. For a detailed report on your cyber health, including strategies of how to improve your cyber security, take our Cyber Health Check!
//Cyber Security Risk Report

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