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Employee Cyber Security Training

Employee cyber security training can minimise your business’s cyber risk as well as protect your staff from becoming victims of cyber crime.

Employee cyber security awareness training can reduce cyber attacks by up to 72%.[i] Whilst having systems and tools in place is highly effective, many criminals are seeking to manipulate innocent employees via social engineering including phishing, baiting, and pretexting. Additionally, cyber criminals are bypassing online security systems via phone calls and even cyber-physical attacks.

Providing training to employees supports them to recognise cyber attack attempts. Further, training reduces employee errors and innocent cyber breaches such as accidentally sharing sensitive or confidential data.

Employee cyber security training is part of the Jam Cyber – Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) with monthly training provided to all clients and their employees.

[i] https://www.pensar.co.uk/blog/cybersecurity-infographic

What is Employee Cyber Security Training?

Employee Cyber Security Training involves educating all employees in the business about cyber security. This is undertaken via monthly online training courses which all employees can participate in.

When it comes to employee cyber security knowledge, there are three key areas all employees should know to minimise company cyber attacks:

  1. How to identify a potential external cyber attack: ensure your employees can identify a phishing email, scam invoice, credit fraud attempt, fake web links, dangerous websites and unusual activity on their accounts.
  2. How to manage sensitive and confidential internal data: accidental employee breaches can occur when employees mismanage confidential files, or simply don’t know they are doing the wrong thing.
  3. What to do in the event of a cyber attack: acting quickly and effectively when an attack occurs can greatly minimise the damage done. All employees should be aware of their Incident Response Plan and best practice.

Training your employees not only reduces cyber attacks but can improve overall IT use efficiencies.

If your employees don’t have access to business computers, see our Cyber Safe Remote Workplace: Private Computers Solutions.

Do my employees need cyber security training?

Benefits of Cyber Security Training

As cyber attacks become more sophisticated, it is vital to ensure employees are trained to recognise potential threats. However, training employees in cyber security has multiple benefits in addition to simply identifying threats. Employee cyber security training provides additional protection above the Australian Government’s Essential 8 mitigation strategies. 

We have listed our top five reasons to train employees in cyber security.

Five reasons to implement Employee Cyber Security Training

For companies that hold confidential or sensitive files, employee training is vital to ensure this data is not accidentally – or maliciously – shared externally. Correct management of confidential data will ensure your clients that their information is safe and secure.

Unfortunately, accidental human error is a major cause of cyber breaches. On occasion, employees are not even aware that they have put the company in jeopardy or acted illegally. Training employees reduces these errors and thus, minimises the risks of a cyber breach.

With the rapid change in technology, employees can lose confidence when using new online tools and systems. Thus, training employees can increase their confidence and ensure they use online systems correctly and efficiently. This can also lead to improvements in business efficiencies.

COVID-19 has resulted in more employees working from home. Unfortunately, this has led to an increase in cyber attacks on vulnerable workers and systems. Employee cyber security training increases the protection for remote workers from cyber attacks.

No business wants to fall victim to a cyber attack. Yet in addition to financial implications, businesses in some instances are also required to publicly report attacks. This can decrease customer trust in the brand. However, well-trained employees can give customers confidence that they will keep their data safe.

Employee Cyber Security Training by Jam Cyber

Implement Cyber Security Training for your employees

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How is Employee Cyber Security Training delivered?

Jam Cyber manages all employee cyber security training via our Cyber Security Management System.

Employees are individually contacted via email monthly to undertake a specific cyber security training module. The module is delivered entirely online and takes 10-15 minutes per month. Employees are quizzed at the end of the session to ensure they have understood the concepts.

Jam Cyber also tracks completed modules and informs the business of employees who have not completed the tests.

In addition to structured training, Jam Cyber also delivers regular free #CyberCEO videos to support business owners and employees understand cyber security terminologies.

Cyber CEO Videos

Check out some of our short videos explaining things around cyber threats and cyber security for small and medium business.

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