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Multifactor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) for email account protection - Jam Cyber

Multifactor Authentication - Illustration

Multifactor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) for email account protection.

Your email account is the crown jewels equivalent of ID theft and cyber attacks. Which is why (often free) Multifactor Authentication MFA / 2FA is a MUST for your email account! One day, your or an employees email credentials will leak or be guessed and then a cyber criminal has permanent access to emails, contacts, calendars and more! This opens the door to ID theft, resetting passwords for other accounts, theft of sensitive information, abuse for invoice re-direction scams or just to send scam emails to all your contacts. None of which is good for you or your business.
Best of all, MFA is free to enable on all major email platforms. If you’re IT (guys) haven’t done it yet, it’s because #cybersecurity is a business risk, not an IT problem! How To’s below (you need to be a global admin to enable this). Sort this today!

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How To for Office 365 https://lnkd.in/d33Mbw-3
How to for Google Workspace https://lnkd.in/dQRU8xwY

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