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Shields Up Warning by Jam Cyber

Shields Up Warning by the U.S. Government’s Cyber Security & Infrastructure Agency (CSIA)


Yesterday, the U.S. Government’s Cyber Security & Infrastructure Agency (CSIA) issued a Shields Up warning to all U.S. companies to “adopt a heightened posture when it comes to cybersecurity and protecting their most critical assets.”

The warning is in response to the escalating threat of Russia invading Ukraine and using cyber attacks to strengthen its strategic position. The CSIA warning states that “The Russian government understands that disabling or destroying critical infrastructure — including power and communications — can augment pressure on a country’s government, military and population and accelerate their acceding to Russian objectives.”

The warning is clear that no company is immune to cyber attacks – no matter how large or small they are.

Whilst the ‘Shields Up’ warning may be justified, it’s quite unlikely businesses will be able to immediately implement CSIA’s 13 recommendations. The recommendations also fail to include one of the key defences against cyber threats: employee awareness training/education.

When it comes to #cybersecurity, companies should be acting proactively, not reactively. Enhancing protection should be driven by a Cyber Security Framework which not only covers tools and systems, but also includes employees, policies and governance.

Driving a cyber safe culture takes time. It is more than just an ‘IT thing’. Companies in the best position to protect themselves from an increased threat are the ones that have an existing #cybersecuritystrategy in place.

It’s not too late to develop a strong cyber security management system for your business. Well, until it is too late.

Full article: https://www.cisa.gov/shields-up

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