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Impact of Cyber Attacks on Law Firms in Australia Cyber attacks against businesses are on the increase globally; a trend that has accelerated due to the COVID Pandemic. One estimate states that ransomware attacks have increased by

Biggest Cryptocurrencies hack in history (to date) Is Blockchain really un-hackable? Crypto operators are NOT: US$600m went AWOL yesterday when Poly Network was hacked! Biggest cryptocurrencies hack in history (to date).If global crypto networks can be hacked,

Multifactor Authentication (MFA / 2FA) for email account protection. Your email account is the crown jewels equivalent of ID theft and cyber attacks. Which is why (often free) Multifactor Authentication MFA / 2FA is a MUST for

1m computers affected, $US70m ransomware demand – Ransomware as a Service made scalable by means of a supply chain attack!   Similar to the Solarwinds hack last year, cyber criminals managed to infiltrate the systems of a

Cybersecurity and the other 99.8% It is not hard to see why the majority of small to medium enterprise (SME) owners in Australia feel that a cyber-attack would not impact them.‘2 out of 3 respondents (66%) believe

ACSC Essential 8 In response to the current cyber-attack on Australian Government and businesses, the ACSC has recommended all businesses prioritize implementing application and operating system patching and multi-factor authentication. Find out more about how to implement

How many is too many passwords?   That is 191 passwords for 191 accounts. So, we can all be forgiven for using the same username and password for multiple accounts, right? Well… unfortunately not anymore. Insecure password

Advisory 2020-008 The Australian Government’s Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) has titled the attacks ‘Copy-paste compromises’ and has announced on its website that ‘it is imperative that Australian organisations are alert to this threat and take steps to

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