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LOG4J, The Cyber Security Threat of the Decade? - Image

Log4J, The Cyber Security Threat of the Decade?


LOG4J, the cyber security threat of the decade?

As you may have seen in the media, there has been a major cyber security threat identified. Unlike an attack on a specific company, a cyber security threat is a vulnerability – or flaw – that is detected in a program/operating system and can be easily used by any cyber criminal to attack any company or individual.

This recent threat is dubbed the Log4Shell, or Log4J Exploit, and allows criminals to execute malicious codes remotely via un-patched programs. This means hackers can enter an entire computer system or network through the program’s flaw and gain access to any information that is on that computer or a connected network.

Experts, including us, believe this may be the largest cyber security breach to date due to the widespread use of Log4J in authentication systems across the IT world. Potentially, billions of devices and programs are affected until the flaw is patched!

As a business owner or CTO, what you need to do or get done TODAY:

1) Contact the vendor of every software you use which connects from and to the internet, in particular if it’s Software as a Service (SaaS) and obtain a statement in relation to the Log4J vulnerability.

2) Contact the vendor of every internet connected hardware, in particular networking devices and obtain a statement in relation to the Log4J vulnerability.

3) Ensure your cyber security defenses span your staff / people, cyber governance (i.e. policies and processes) and technologies. Cyber security is NOT an IT problem but a business risk. If badly managed, a single mouse click can destroy a decade or more of your business being built. In seconds.

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Log4J in the media:

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